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Aggadeh Chronicles Book 2: Dragon

Aggadeh Chronicles Book 2: Dragon

ISBN13: 9780983485728

Dragon status:


Alright! I finally set the release date for Dragon!

September 21, 2016

Right now, I'm still making adjustments, corrections, and revisions to the manuscript before going to editing, thence proofreading. I'm pretty confident I can release it before the Autumnal Equinox.

While 51 days might seem like quite a while a way, for me that means a pretty tight deadline. It's not just the editing. There are copyrights to be filed, files to be tested and uploaded, and other administrative things to be attended. There is a lot I must do before the deadline.

I was asked if I was going to open up pre-orders. I'm not sure on that. It is a good way to start earning income a little earlier. I need to be absolutely certain that the manuscript will be ready for release on or before September, 21, before I can make that determination. It would be bad if I a problem was discovered requiring last minute correction and I missed the deadline for a full release. I will make a final decision on this by August 20th.

Another question I was asked has me thinking very hard: "Would I be willing to make ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) available for purchase?"

Baen Books does. I like this practice. And I know there are readers out there who like seeing what the manuscript for a book looks like before it has been through the editing process. I am tempted, but I am also very wary of trying it. Baen has a very good warning at the top of their page about ARCs. An ARC is not the completed product. There has been no QA, and the manuscripts are often loaded with errors, bad grammar, tangents, and apocryphal sections that will be removed from the story. An ARC is ugly and potentially damaging to sales. I don't know if I want readers to see that before I release the final product, fearing it could cost me future sales. (That's why ARCs are so expensive. The higher price is a hedge against lost sales when the finished product is released.)

While I'm open to the idea, I don't think I'm ready to do it at this time. If I do get enough demand, then perhaps I'll try it. So long as readers must understand that an unedited manuscript isn't worth the toilet paper it is smeared on, I could be persuaded…



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